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Tic Tac Bomb

Do you have really great driving skills? Are you a truck lover? Maybe you like to have a little pressure on you while you game as well?

Tic Tac Bomb is a cool and fun game where you drive a truck with a bomb placed on the truck.

If you loose the bomb or run out of time the truck will explode. Tic Tac Bomb game has ten levels for you to enjoy! Good luck on completing all the levels and making sure you save all the villagers and Barry.

Barry is driving on a bumpy road with a bomb on his truck. He took the bomb with him and is now driving to find the right place to drop the bomb and take of before the bomb blows up. He did this to save his village after they got invaded. Barry have to make it without the bomb blowing up near him so he can go back home to his pregnant wife and their two year old son. Will you help Barry get the bomb far away and keep him safe at the same time?! Myself and the whole village believes in you. Do not let the people in the village down.

Controls: You have to use your keyboard to play Tic Tac Bomb game. Use the arrow keys to move forward and break.

Tips: You have three lives. Be careful when you drive so you do not loose the bomb! But do not drive too slow because if you do, you will run out of time and loose. You can look at your score on the bottom of your screen. You will also find your lives and levels there. You will see how much time you have left on the bomb on the truck.


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