Snow White Hidden Objects

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Snow White Hidden Objects

Are you good at finding hidden object?

Do you enjoy hidden objects games where you have to focus and keep cool because of a time counter?

If you do, then Snow White Hidden Objects is the perfect game for you! Find the objects you see on the bottom on your screen. They can be anywhere on the princess picture. Do it as fast as you can to get a good score! Snow White Hidden Objects is a fun game with two levels. Have fun and enjoy your time playing this awesome game!

Snow white and her animal friends needs help to find all the objects hidden around them. They have to find them fast because they are going to a ball in a few hours. Snow white is going to the ball with her handsome prince to dance and have a good time with her family and friends. But she promised the animals she would help them find all the hidden objects first. She could use your help as well so it all goes smooth and fast. She needs a lot of time to get ready for the ball. Will you help her and the animals find the objects fast? We all believe you can do it! Good luck and have fun.

Controls: You use your mouse to play Snow White Hidden Objects game. Click on the left button on your mouse when you find the hidden object you were looking for.

Tips: Do this as fast as you possible can to get a good and high score! Remember to look at the pictures on the screen to see what objects you have to look for. The objects can be hidden anywhere around the picture, so keep your eyes open and focus. Do not pay to much attention to the timer if it stresses you out.


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