Princess Love Mix

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Princess Love Mix

Are you ready to serve your prince and make him happy?

Be a princess for the day and make delicious drinks for the prince of your dreams!
Do you like strawberries? Or maybe lemons? It is so many flavours to choose from!
This is a fun game for princesses who loves to make drinks and impress a beautiful prince.
Have fun and make a fantastic drink.

The princess was all alone at the ball when a handsome prince walked in. She looked at time and thought to herself “I want to dance with him.” He looked back at her and smiled. After a few seconds he came up to her and asked her to dance. She was so happy! Now, a year after they met, they are married. Tonight is their anniversary and the princess wants to make a fantastic drink to her prince. Can you help her make a great drink and make her prince happy?

Controls: You need to use the left button on your mouse when you play Princess Love Mix game. Pick flavours, ice cubes and fruits from the shelves with your mouse and press the pour button on your screen. You have to press pour for each object you hold. When you have everything you want in the drink you press shake. When you have mixed everything together you press serve. When you are sure you want to serve the drink you can press done and see if your prince likes the drink.

Tips: Try to mix the best drink you can so your prince don’t get sick! Example: mix strawberry flavour with ice cubes and cherries and your prince will love your drink. If you mix the wrong things your prince will get sick and die.


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