Kids Ice Cream Serving

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Kids Ice Cream Serving

Do you like to make ice cream?

Are you good at taking care of customers? I am sure you like to earn money! Kids Ice Cream Serving is a fun game where you make the ice cream the costumers ask for and serve them to earn money. But you have to be quick so the customer do not get tired of waiting and leaves. The ice cream will also melt if you leave it done for too long without giving it to the costumer! Kids Ice Cream Serving is a cool game with multiple levels for you to have fun with!

Clary just got a new job on an ice cream stand. She finds it really difficult to help all the costumers at the same time. It is so hot this summer so to many people is buying ice cream for Clary to handle by herself. She can not use to much time on each customers. She will loose a lot of customers if she does not get some help soon! Are you the right person to help her sell ice cream to all the people in the village to they can cool down and be happy with the service? If all goes well, maybe you will get a new job and stay in the ice cream stand? Good luck on the service and enjoy a free ice cream when the day is over before you go home!

Controls: You only have to use your mouse to play Kids Ice Cream Serving game. Click on cups,ice cream flaviors, the finished ice cream and money earned with the left button on your mouse.

Tips: remember to be fast and serve as many costumers as you can to earn enough money in order to complete each level. You have to collect more money for each level. Also remember that it is a timer.


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