Jerry Bombing Tom

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Jerry Bombing Tom

Are you bored of passing a routine life ? Do you want a break? If you like casual online games then you can easily pass some time playing one. Today we are going to introduce you to a new online game named Jerry Bombing Tom. Who on earth doesn’t know about Tom and Jerry, right? These two naughty toon creatures are many of ours childhood fantasy. We have spent so much of our time during childhood watching this cartoon.

As we can see in the actual cartoon, they always fight each other. And Jerry is one of our favorite characters. You have to play this game controlling Jerry. Think like a little rat, if you get a cannon and shells what you would have done? Of course you would try to hit Tom with those shells and cannons. And that’s the thing you have to do in this game. Hit Tom with shells and earn points. You have to hit Tom until the green bar above his head gets empty. And you have to do it before the time runs out. Keep in mind that you will only have thirty seconds and six bombs to do it.

So what do you think about the Jerry bombing Tom? Pretty easy, huh? If so, then you might be wrong. There are twenty levels and after each level you pass several kinds of wall and box will block your way to Tom. You have to clear those before reaching Tom. Finding the correct angle and velocity is important. You might not want to waste your bombs blasting them nowhere near Tom. For selecting velocity you have to move your mouse left or right or up or down, depending on your cannon’s positioning. So now, do you think you can play this? Then try playing and enjoy!


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