Granny’s Pie

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Granny’s Pie

Granny’s Pie is a really fun and relaxing game for you to enjoy and have fun with

Are you good at decorating cakes and pies? Do you think you have what it takes to help this sweet grandmother make a beautiful pie for her grandson’s birthday party witch is starting in a short amount of time?! I think you can do it! You get six different frames on the bottom of your screen to use when you decorate the pie and put out the drinks. You can choose yourself what you want to use and what you do not want to use. Good luck on making the pie look good and have fun!
Jimmy’s grandmother is throwing him a birthday party. She invited all his friends and family for this big party. He is turning 18, so this is a big day for him! This party is a surprise, so all the people will he here soon so they can hide before Jimmy comes home. Time is running out and granny still have a lot to do. She needs help with decorating the pie and put out some drinks for the people to cool down with on this hot summer day while she gets the birthday decorations done. Jimmy will he here in 30 minutes, so the guests is arriving any minute now. Will you be kind and help Jimmy’s grandmother with the pie and drinks before time runs out?

Controls: You use your mouse to play Granny’s Pie game. Click on pictures of different decorations for the pie and different drinks with the left button on your mouse. Use the same button to press show when you are pleased and done with the pie and drinks.

Tips: You can press reset to remove everything and do it over if you are unhappy with the result.


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