Cooking Bacon Pizza

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Cooking Bacon Pizza

Do you like to cook?

Are you a Pizza lover?

Maybe you like Italian Pizza too?

Cooking Bacon Pizza is a cool game where you make the dough, prepare the ingredients, put the ingredients on the pizza and bake it in the oven. At the end of the game you have to eat the pizza and see how good it tastes! Have fun with this relaxing and nice game.

Mrs. Sparks wants to find the best pizza baker in town and give the person a job as her new chef in her restaurant. Therefor she is having a competition where everyone can make a pizza and maybe win the prize and have the chance to work at the best restaurant in the town! The contest has already started, but Mrs. Sparks can not seem to find the right person for this job. Maybe you are the right person? If you are, you will for sure be happy with the job and enjoy your time working in the restaurant. Why not give it a try and present her the best pizza you can possible make? Good luck! I am sure you will win with your delicious pizza!

Controls: You only have to use your mouse to play Cooking Bacon Pizza game. Click with left button on your mouse, hold, move to bowl and drop the item to pour into the bowl when you make the dough. Cut and prepare the ingredients and put them in the right place on the pizza. Put the pizza in the oven and let it bake. When the pizza is done you have to click on the mouth on the right of your screen to eat the pizza.

Tips: You will have instructions to follow on your screen at all times to help you make the pizza right.


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