Battlefield Escape 2

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Battlefield Escape 2

Battlefield Escape 2 is a shooting game where you have to use your weapon and shoot the vehicles before they reach the front vehicle!

Do you have great reflexes? Are you a good shooter? Do you have what it takes to save the people in the vehicle to escape the vehicles attacking them?! I am sure you are going to do a good job and save them! Good luck and have fun.
The Johnson family is on a road trip in their summer vacation. They are going to drive through five countries and also spend two days in Disney World. When they get on the road after a food break they spot a lot of vehicles behind them. They are driving fast and trying to get up to their vehicle. When the vehicles reach them they start to hit their vehicle in the back. The kids in the back of the vehicle gets scared and start crying and screaming. The family can not drive fast enough to escape from the vehicles attacking them! They need help to survive the attack. The driver of your vehicle is driving on the other side of the road so you can shoot the attacking vehicles! Can you shoot all the vehicles before they damage the family’s vehicle too much?!

Controls: You use your mouse and your keyboard to play Battlefield Escape 2 game online. Click on the left button on your mouse to shoot the vehicles. Press “R” on your keyboard to reload your weapon. Press “P” on your keyboard to pause the game if you need to take a break.

Tips: You will see one armor bar with red color and one ammo bar with green color in the right corner on the bottom of your screen. You can choose between 6 weapons. I would recommend that you reload your weapon when the attacking vehicles is far away!


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